“Vision 20/20” 19th of this month we are currently in of yes, this same year

at the burien community center, right next to a lovely little green space that includes a valley, a playground and gorgeous cedar trees on saturday evening i and many other artists will have art on display and for sale. half the proceeds go to us and the other half to the burien arts league or something like that. here are what i did for this years show… 1-2020 2-2020 3-2020 4-2020 5-2020 6-2020 7-2020 8-2020 9-2020 10-2020i was half into it and half ready to give in. i thought it would be so easy to get 10 panels that measure 8″x8″ and do whatever i want. i struggled with the idea of only getting $20 per piece, so i feel like i held back. in the end though i figure they are sketches for future pieces. come thru if you can and see all the work… should be interesting :”)


Yummy French Cotton Florals


Thank you to Carleen for the fabric samples. It was difficult to cut them, big as they were and well, they ended up as 400 4″ squares). [and some scrap destined for the back of momo]Coloroso Looks to be a giant prayer shawl for my people out on the plains..let’s beginShawl? KeppinOrderKeeping it in check is both calming and befuddling…. But Momo watches over us gocouldahouldawouldaHoldUpWaitAMinute

TaDAA!Top part pieced. Now to make un chingo de raven tails. Definitely some prairie points :”)

some fantastic inspiration!

So much love in my life!

Radish, Garlic, Horseradish, and Ginger! That Cassava Pot “got me all inspired and shit” .  Here’s the beginning to a Root vegetable Lidded Pot Series/Line! Who’s buyin’?

My only favorite themed clothing rack I ever did see in the RP! I got one of these below for 20bucks! Giving you some Zinacantan Realness :”)

Then here’s some Raglan shirts I am making for myself :”)  Not normal for here is what I am going for! Extra points for not blending in!! I also made a pair of shorts for the one on the far left!

And finally (for now) if you didn’t see it on FB, here is something for Mr. Mansmith. He’s getting into the water color world and I thought to make him something special like he is to me..awww!

New babies :”)

Some very lovely beings have sprouted forth from mine hands eyes and hearts. A fairy for those pesky loose teeth they crave and await. If you come tomorrow (Dec. 3rd from 10am-4pm) to Seeds of Change Marketplace in Lincoln Square you can see touch and revel.

The teeth you see and many more will be piled high along some very unnecessary but fun handmade rocks :”)

Oh yeah… there’s also another place you can touch my stuff :”) this weekend and other things as well that are for sale and for awe-ing at.

PerficalSense Studio’s 2nd Annual Artful Giving Sale
Saturday, December 3  10:00 – 6:00
Sunday, December 4  10:00 – 4:00
Here’s some of my beauty that is there waiting to be bought used and loved over and over.