“Vision 20/20” 19th of this month we are currently in of yes, this same year

at the burien community center, right next to a lovely little green space that includes a valley, a playground and gorgeous cedar trees on saturday evening i and many other artists will have art on display and for sale. half the proceeds go to us and the other half to the burien arts league or something like that. here are what i did for this years show… 1-2020 2-2020 3-2020 4-2020 5-2020 6-2020 7-2020 8-2020 9-2020 10-2020i was half into it and half ready to give in. i thought it would be so easy to get 10 panels that measure 8″x8″ and do whatever i want. i struggled with the idea of only getting $20 per piece, so i feel like i held back. in the end though i figure they are sketches for future pieces. come thru if you can and see all the work… should be interesting :”)


Yummy French Cotton Florals


Thank you to Carleen for the fabric samples. It was difficult to cut them, big as they were and well, they ended up as 400 4″ squares). [and some scrap destined for the back of momo]Coloroso Looks to be a giant prayer shawl for my people out on the plains..let’s beginShawl? KeppinOrderKeeping it in check is both calming and befuddling…. But Momo watches over us gocouldahouldawouldaHoldUpWaitAMinute

TaDAA!Top part pieced. Now to make un chingo de raven tails. Definitely some prairie points :”)

UPCOMING SHOW’s Press Release :”)

Hey everyone! So, here’s some information about the show I am in this upcoming March. Exciting!

Warrenville Historical Society info@warrenvillehistorical.org

3S530 Second Street http://www.warrenvillehistorical.org

PO Box 311 warrenvillehistorical.wordpress.com

Warrenville, IL 60555 (630)393-4215

The Warrenville Historical Society is excited to announce its upcoming exhibition Warrenville Inspired. The Historical Society is welcoming a group of artists to find inspiration amongst their historical collection and create an original piece to be displayed alongside the history and artifacts that moved them. This inventive exhibit will open on Friday, March 16th and run through Sunday, April 22nd. An artist reception will take place on Sunday, March 18th from 1-5pm, open and free to the general public. Our director and curator, Sara Phalen, has been hard at work with the exhibit’s co-curator Anni Holm, an internationally exhibited Danish artist who now lives in West Chicago, to prepare for Warrenville Inspired’s opening weekend, which will also feature an additional display of the artists’ work at the Warren Tavern, located next to the Museum at 3S540 Second Street. Artists featured in the exhibition are Jessica Bruah, Pate Conaway, Mia Capodilupo, Patty Carroll, Andrew CopperSmith, Catherine Forster, Rita Grendze, Chris Hodge, Jason Judd, Alysia Kaplan, Patrick Lichty, Leah Mitchell, Alexis Lee Ortiz-Duarte, Kip Pasta, Dominic Sansone, Joe Urso, Rachel Weaver Rivera, Ana Zanic, Sarah Zimmer, and Adam Farcus and Allison Yasukawa on a collaborative piece. The exhibit will be free to the general public.

Open hours at the Warrenville Historical Museum & Art Gallery, located at 3S530 Second Street, during the exhibit are Friday, March 16th 6-9pm, Saturday, March 17th 1-4pm, Sunday, March 18th 1-5pm (Opening Reception), Thursday, March 22nd 4-7pm, Sunday, March 25th 1-4pm, Thursday, March 29nd 4-7pm, Sunday, April 1st 1-4pm, Thursday, April 5th 4-7pm, Thursday, April 12th 4-7pm, Sunday, April 15th 1-4pm, Thursday, April 19th 4-7pm, Friday, April 20th 4-7pm, Saturday, April 21st 1-4pm and Sunday, April 22nd 1-4pm. Additional programming will also be scheduled in conjunction with the exhibit, including artist talks and kids programming.

Please see our website (www.warrenvillehistorical.org), our Facebook Page, and blog (www.warrenvillehistorical.wordpress.com) for details as they are made available. Please contact us with any additional questions at info@warrenvillehistorical.org or (630)393-4215.