Alexis Lee Ortiz [Duarte]

I have some ART for sale on ETSY

Exhibitions/Installations/Performances/Public Art Works/Collaborations

  • Bumbershoot Books “Burien Art Walk” Solo install 2014
  • Blowing Sands “ProlitKult 3” Group Show 2013
  • Winnetka Community House “Centennial Gala” 3′ Embellished star, May 2012
  • the Arts of Life “SquareFootShow” 12×12 Cobras Tile, March 2012
  • Warrenville Historical Society “Warrenville Inspired” Pottery/Installation, March 2012
  • Wormfarm Institute “Art D-Tour” Residency/Corn Crib Installation, October 2011
  • Treasure Town Lofts “Electric Sunrize” 3′ Sun Installation, Sept. 2011
  • Jane Addams Hull House “Community Loom” Loom Construct/Install Sept. 2011
  • Woolen Mill Gallery “Offshoots” Residents Alumni Show, August 2011
  • Fill in the Blank Gallery “Habitual Growth” Collaborative Installation, July 2011
  • Remy Bumpo Theater “The Goat or Who is Silvia?” 300 Clay vessels, May 2011
  • Puerto Rican Arts Alliance “The Taino Project” Mural, May 2011
  • PerficalSense “Le Um’phor” Collaboration w/ D. Mansmith, April 2011
  • Revolution Tattoo “Signed-Sealed-Delivered” Group show, March 2011
  • Berry United “Seeds of Change” Marketplace, December 2010
  • Pottery Barn “PICTURE a Cure” St. Jude Fundraiser, November 2010
  • Beans and Bagels “Solo Exhibition” Ceramics, September 2010
  • Chicago Cultural Center “Family Fun Fest” Large Scale Public Install, August 2010
  • Woolen Mill Gallery “Rumination” Group show, June 2010
  • Angel Food Bakery “Spring Window Display” Installation, Spring 2010
  • Berry United “Seeds of Change” Marketplace, December 2009
  • Chicago Academy for the Arts “Forgotten Angels” Costumes/Installation, Dec. 2009
  • Wormfarm Institute “Art D-Tour” Residency/Field Installation, October 2009
  • Daley Plaza “SlowFood Chicago” Collaborative Costume/Performance, Aug. 2009
  • Cluster Studios “Runway for Life” Makeup/Ambiance/Installation, June 2009
  • Peter Jones Gallery “Group Show” Installation, May 2009
  • Links Hall “Treasure Hunt” Large Scale Installation, March 2009
  • The Oriental Institute “Henry IV: Part 1” Tailor/Costumes November 2008
  • Salud Bar and Lounge “Tierra de Agave” Commissioned Mosaic, July 2007
  • Lillstreet Art Center “Members” Ceramics, June 2007
  • Titania Devine” Female Bodysuit, March 2007
  • Peter Jones Gallery “Impossible Cities” Group Show, January 2007
  • Redmoon Theater “Spectacle: Installation and Construction” 2006-2007
  • Youth Services Project “Nature and I’s” Written/Actualized Theater, March 2006
  • El Aguacate Elementary School “Bienvenidos” ADEJUC Mural, February 2004
  • Nueva Alianza “Eco Hotel” Murals and ReHab, November 2003
  • Hostal San Cristobal “Viajero Quedadero” Mural, October 2003
  • Escuela de la Calle, “EDULAC Mural”  March 2003
  • Infinito, “Cafe Pintada” Mural, February 2003
  • Columbia College Chicago, “B/W” Photography Finals Show, June 2001
  • Columbia College Chicago, “Out and Loud” Second Year Exh., March 1998
  • North Avenue Day, “Pieces Un-pierced” Choreographed Dance, October 1996
  • North Avenue Day, “Boys Next Door” Theatrical Renditions, August 1996
  • North Avenue Day, “Pieces Un-pierced” Group Poetry and Illustration, June 1995




3 thoughts on “Alexis Lee Ortiz [Duarte]

  1. there are so many reasons to go into the mountains. I love you and this thunder in the sky in a similar way.

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