Alexis L. Ortiz-Duarte

Exhibitions/Installations/Performances/Public Art Works/Collaborations

Burien Community Center “Vision 20/20” Group Show-8×8 Panels, November 2017   Fred’s Wildlife Refuge “Illuminated Orphans” Group Show-Child Throne, October 2017
Black Zia Cantina “Tarot” Group Show-Mojo Marker, October 2017
Mt. Baker Art Lofts “Fierce Femme” Group Show-Wooden Doll, July 2017
Black Zia Cantina “La Fey” Group Show-Doll, June 2017
Daddy G’s “Permanent Install” 6’ Shaggy Lampshades, December 2016
Burien Community Center “Vision 20/20” Group Show-8×8 Panels, November 2016
Black Zia Cantina “Monsters” Group Show-Ceramic Hearts Installation, October 2016
Fred’s Wildlife Refuge “Babylon Death Party” 5 15’T-Ps/Safespaces, October 2016
Burien Arts Guild “Lights Aglow” Group Night Walk-Costume, September 2016
True Love Gallery “Queen Bitch” Group Doll Show, May 2016
Village Green “West Seattle Art Walk” Group Show and Sale, August 2015
Bumbershoot Books “Burien Art Walk” Solo installation, June 2014
Ravenna Ravine “Goddess Ravenna Ravine” Group Art Walk-Costume, May 2013
Blowing Sands “ProlitKult 3” Group Show-Collaborative Installation, September 2013
Winnetka Community House “Centennial Gala” 3′ Embellished star, May 2012
the Arts of Life “SquareFootShow” Group Show-12×12 Cobras Tile, March 2012
Warrenville Historical Society “Warrenville Inspired” Pottery/Installation, March 2012
Wormfarm Institute “Art D-Tour” Residency/Corn Crib Installation, October 2011
Treasure Town Lofts “Electric Sunrize” 3′ Sun Installation, September 2011
Jane Addams Hull House “Community Loom” Loom Construct/Installation Sept. 2011
Woolen Mill Gallery “Offshoots” Residents Alumni Show, August 2011
Fill in the Blank Gallery “Habitual Growth” Collaborative Installation, July 2011
Remy Bumpo Theater “The Goat or Who is Silvia?” 300 Clay vessels, May 2011
Puerto Rican Arts Alliance “The Taino Project” 3D Collaborative Mural, May 2011
PerficalSense “Le Um’phor” Collaboration w/ D. Mansmith, April 2011
Revolution Tattoo “Signed-Sealed-Delivered” Group show, March 2011
Berry United “Seeds of Change” Marketplace, December 2010
Pottery Barn “PICTURE a Cure” St. Jude Fundraiser, November 2010
Beans and Bagels “Solo Exhibition” Ceramics, September 2010
Chicago Cultural Center “Family Fun Fest” Large Scale Public Install, August 2010
Woolen Mill Gallery “Rumination” Group show, June 2010
Angel Food Bakery “Spring Window Display” Installation, Spring 2010
Berry United “Seeds of Change” Marketplace, December 2009
Chicago Academy for the Arts “Forgotten Angels” Costumes/Installation, Dec. 2009
Wormfarm Institute “Art D-Tour” Residency/Field Installation, October 2009
Daley Plaza “SlowFood Chicago” Collaborative Costume/Performance, Aug. 2009
Cluster Studios “Runway for Life” Makeup/Ambiance/Installation, June 2009
Peter Jones Gallery “Group Show” Installation, May 2009
Links Hall “Treasure Hunt” Large Scale Installation, March 2009
The Oriental Institute “Henry IV: Part 1” Tailor/Costumes November 2008
Salud Bar and Lounge “Tierra de Agave” Commissioned Mosaic, July 2007
Lillstreet Art Center “Members” Ceramics, June 2007
“Titania Devine” Female Bodysuit, March 2007
Peter Jones Gallery “Impossible Cities” Group Show, January 2007
Redmoon Theater “Spectacle: Installation and Construction” 2006-2007
Youth Services Project “Nature and I’s” Written/Actualized Theater, March 2006
El Aguacate Elementary School “Bienvenidos” ADEJUC Mural, February 2004
Nueva Alianza “Eco Hotel” Murals and ReHab, November 2003
Hostal San Cristobal “Viajero Quedadero” Mural, October 2003
Escuela de la Calle, “EDULAC Mural”  March 2003
Infinito, “Cafe Pintada” Mural, February 2003
Columbia College Chicago, “B/W” Photography Finals Show, June 2001
Columbia College Chicago, “Out and Loud” Second Year Exh., March 1998
North Avenue Day, “Pieces Un-pierced” Choreographed Dance, October 1996
North Avenue Day, “Boys Next Door” Theatrical Renditions, August 1996
North Avenue Day, “Pieces Un-pierced” Group Poetry and Illustration, June 1995


3 thoughts on “Alexis L. Ortiz-Duarte

  1. there are so many reasons to go into the mountains. I love you and this thunder in the sky in a similar way.

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