“Where Creative Dreams Come True”

If you haven’t heard.. I got my 1st job here in Seattle  It took all the calm I could muster to get through the 2 months of searching/ rejections. Pratt Fine Art Center said no, Madison Market teased me then said no, countless teaching, reception, server and even translator positions turned me down…

I almost changed my name to something a bit easier to “digest”… like Smith or John Doe.

But.. this is a hint at what I am doing for a J . O. B. now.

And though it is not (yet) in the classroom proper it is Where Creative Dreams Come True”. Pacific Fabrics and Crafts. This is on my route there, towards the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains! Into the industrial district within SODO (south of downtown).   When the sun is out this is even more AMAZING!!

Yup! The very place I found my upholstery fabrics for that chair that I promise to get to. Apparently it started out as Pacific Iron and Metal Company way back in 1917, primarily as a recycling center and eventually incorporated the rags and ends from the local mills.

The Iron and Metal Company is still going strong as I hear them clanging about down there. Big props to Jules Glant!

Here’s the front half of the store… it’s impressive and large with the original wood floor (which is why I shall soon be getting some fancy-shmancy orthopedics). That color scaled wall is but a bit of the insane amount of quilter’s cotton we have. from marshmallows to paisley to peacocks

Here’s a new blue rounder that some genius put together.. kind of a mini collection. I touch it daily! Our florals as well are cuteEvery few months the staff does a project to feature a new something something. This month it is a new book called “Modern Blocks” . Here’s the first installment. Can you guess which are mine?I personally hit the Wool and Linen Remnant Tables regularly and would advise you all to not overlook the rolls of “Fashion”

Here’s my first purchase :”)Silks, Rayons, Wools, Cottons! And now to make some


3 thoughts on ““Where Creative Dreams Come True”

  1. I am very happy for you, you never know who you may meet as a customer. Did you have to disclose your better half is a fiber artist? The Bucktown Art Fair is this weekend, I use the scissors I got from you guys always. Your apt. looks lovely, very airy.
    Can I get a yard and a half of that? Be well, love, Susan

    • I wear a good amount of Danny’s clothes so most days I find myself repeating “my boyfriend made it” :”) I’ll make him famous as well! Thank you Susan! If you ever make it out here, you have someplace to stay, promise!
      Good luck at the Fair!!!

  2. OOooooo nice shirt! look at all the pretty colors you work around… a full spectrum rainbow dear. btw, pariseans no nothing about prints. solids mostly here. must admit, a little bored of the fashion, but impressed by the attention to maintenance and the wafts of delicious parfums i get while walking down the street. xoxox

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