a musing on a road

…some times, oft even, there are clear states. and much like life it self, ever changing, we are fated to come up against yet other… choices, if i may. it is within my experience that action and verve and if but for a hint of intention will come the glory. i speak about allotment in our particular conditions and all the roads afforded us, varied and strong, as they can be, are ours. we have but to choose. some hard. some not so hard. get on with it. though if you believe you need to “sit on it for a bit”, feel free. there is a strange and equally powerful beauty in the silence. in this eye, of this storm we call this day, this feeling, right now. enjoy that to. hold it if you must. then, let it go. there is sure to be more to see.

but what do i know? i can hold on with the best of them… though i shall continue to strive not to. my art and love in my life will save me. all the love out there, in me, on this road.


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