Them babies a day old and all still here..

I was told it was the venue, the slight militaryesque look, the colors and of course the price. I will, and am.. leaning toward the venue. Tomorrow they move to Evanston and hopefully lovely people will be thrilled and have to have them all :”) It was definitely hard to be selling one of a kind things next to weavings (that for all intensive purposes were quite special) made in Nepal or Bolivia being sold for 12 dollars. ! 12 dollars! Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate Fair Trade but here I am in this country and extremely local and gifted and producing what I believe to be quality art both functional and decorative but no way can I compete with the imports that are 1/4  my prices… I get that argument now.

Here are my Tooth Freers I built with recycled newspaper, tape and cloth.. their heads are pinched earthenware and wired together. Long story short they help really lose those pesky molars who dawdle in there dropping :”) You grab ’em by their shapely little legs and pop the aforementioned tooth free with a quick knock of their heads. It’s a snap!

I even made a special shirt for the sale…

Here’s a nice sneaky shot of one on the way :”) I’m so proud of them… plus it has been a minute since I have obsessed over something and stayed up late in the wee and made and made till I ran out of heads… some of you might remember the heads from a window installation I did at the late but great fill in the blank.



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