I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything… but I get caught up in things and the updates tend to take a back seat to actuallities. Is that a word… my compu says NO. Anywho.. The last post was a picture of me working my ass off making cardboard tiles  for a large corn crib installation up in Reedsburg, Wisconsin with the great Laura Annis. Here’s more on that:


Click that link above to see the piece head on :”) and complete!

And here is a better pic of the beautiful beautiful wonderful Wormfarm barn where I got work and sooo look forward to going back to. Thank you Donna and Jay! And you to Laura 🙂 and Katie and Katie and Terrence… all wonderful people!

The next big thing after that was my trip with the LOVE of my life to Washington State. Which is still calling to me! I can totally see myself moving there. There’s nothing like ancient woods, snow capped mountains, tidal pools and bald eagles! Chicago, I love you cause your my home and my Mom is here but Holy MOLY!! Here’s a picture of said mountain at just the right time and oh so majestic!

That state is definitely in my future :”) So many images we have you’d have to come over and we can do one of them sit downs and looks and talks :”) And maybe I can serve you drinks now that I am OFFICIALLY LICENSED TO BARTEND! That way it won’t seem so long going through 1,400 pictures of our trip :”)

Stay tuned for where I get my first job serving drinks and the stories that I know are sure to come!





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