So, first I’d like to thank everyone who made it out to the opening of Unfinished Business!

Pictures will be coming soon… I, in all the excitement, forgot my camera :”(

But it went well; people were sitting on the floor to weave, which I had some worries about, as I just assumed most wouldn’t be into it.  But they did… get down and up :”) [thankfully]. Such a great feeling to see so many different people interact with my installation. Big thank you to Jane Addams Hull House! Especially Naomi Blumberg and Lisa Lee (who’s name is the bomb!) See you ladies soon!

Also, I just uploaded a list of exhibitions or an artist resume on my about page, so check that out if you wanna know more or less what I’ve done publicly. I’m sure I missed some things so if any of you collaborators or knowers know.. please feel free to fill a brother in.

And now the next project:

These lovelies are in Reedsburg, Wisconsin and I get to “decorate” them with fellow artist and close friend Laura Annis for this years Art D-Tour. Details to come soon. Please keep in mind the days to come up and see if you have the time and of course, want to. October 7-16th


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