They’re up y’all! And now winding…

Now all I have to do is prep the work flow as it were… gotta make it as easy as possible for anyone and everyone interested in participating ( did you know that? you can come and weave on my looms! ). I’ll anchor them down as in a traditional tapestry loom and away we can go. It’s amazing how big they are together!!

This is the beginning of what is sure to take a large chunk of time… getting 18,000 feet of this Weft onto small manageable (and humble) shuttles.

 Yup, that’s cardboard. I’ll let you know how many of those babies get cut!

I really do think I’m pretty :”)! Here’s the Orange! While I was doing this someone asked me if I was “an artist or something?” I laughed out loud!  I truly didn’t know which way to go with that.. so I said ‘Yes, something to’. :”) He didn’t find that funny and left.

Here’s my little winding work station… just the bare essentials. Bonus.. Good view of Tree!

There I am. Winding away. I’m facing North and meanwhile, the Love of my life is way up North also working facing out the window, yet to the South. In the beginning of our relationship before we moved in together our altars faced each other from opposite sides of the city and now this. I think that’s beautiful, don’t you? :”) Sap

Unfinished Business : Arts Education

Exhibition Opening

WHEN : September 6, 2011  4-6:30PM

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
College of Architecture and the Arts, UIC
800 South Halsted Street Chicago, IL, 60607-7017


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