All Dyed Up

 First: Boil the water. The hotter the water the better. Above is 7 gallons.. I’ll have to do this 9 more times… how do I charge for that? I’m keeping my hours for the prep work and I am unsure as to how to tack on gas usage.

The two pots in the front were my Grandma’s; she gave them to my Mom and then my Mom gave them to me. I have eaten thousands of bowls of super arroz con gandules and beef stew from these pots.

Second: Dissolve the dye before adding to the bath.

Third: Add Dye to bath and let whatever your dyeing soak. Don’t forget to add a tablespoon or two of salt.. it’ll help the colors stick. When I was in Guatemala one of the families I stayed with used to pee in their dye baths. They say it helps and is better when using natural dyes. Do you see the tree of life :”)

Fourth: Work your way through ’em. Let each soak for as long as it takes for the colors to stick. You can pull out a bit and squeeze it to see how it’s taking. The yellow pictured above took almost a day… and then I even had to toss in a couple dashes of left over red. I have some dye baths left over if anyone wants to dye something they spilled red wine on :”) I now have an orange shirt, green pants and a purple pair of socks! Anyone ever try doing Shibori? Any tips?

Finally: Having never done this my brain told me to let it all dry completely in the sun. Then rinse off each color separately till the water runs pretty clear.

And sorry for the tease folks… I had gloves on :”)

Rinsed and drying!

My hands… they are… you can see. Not that bad.. but tore up from all the twisting.


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