Looms Warped and about to Dye

  10.5 Hours later I have finished warping the 3 back-strap looms!

With only a foot of discrepancy it is quite amazing to re-teach myself such an involved method of weaving. The first loom made me cry twice.. the second I knew better and then the third one had me by the balls!

One by one I pulled the strings to even out the tension.It’s beautiful just strung like this… maybe I’ll do an installation in the future inspired by just the prep work. Tattoos as well abound :”) Here are several thousand feet of the Weft (the side to side strings)… soon to be dyed. Much like the measuring of the looms’ warp the weft is wound (in this instance) in 200′ bundles to manage easily during the dyeing process. Keep posted for my hands are sure to change color :”)


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