Weaving Venture.. the start

I am proud to announce that I am collaborating with the Jane Addams Hull House Museum. I’ll be co-curating this years’ exhibition, “Unfinished Business: Arts Education”, to reflect the works being done now by artists and teaching artists in the city and also highlight the crafts taught and shared originally in the Hull House so many years ago. I’ll specifically be involved and incorporated into one of the exhibitions’ “action stations”; where-in I have designed and will be building three looms to be community woven by visitors of the museum beginning in September. Below are some interesting images of the early stages of loom preparation. A special thank you goes out to my teachers Imelda and Maria from Quetzaltenango for teaching me the basics. You’ll see later on how I have tweaked the set-up to ease the process by melding the stand up [traditionally Navajo] loom with that of the back-strap method prevalent in Guatemala.

3700 feet of Jute Twine…

Just about enough to make the warps [the network of up and down strings].

I’ve already gone through 1,165 feet

This is the Urdidor a.k.a. warping frame.
It’s 12 feet long and made from wood I found in the alley :”)
I probably could have made it 6′ and doubled back,
but then I’d have to buy more dowel rods.
I drilled a hole into my desk to feed the twine
to me and make this step easier and tangle free.
And around and around we go!
And around and around.. 90+ times!
This stuff is hairy!

The ever powerful Cruce!

Not only will this intersection leave me sane but invariably make it easier to weave and keep an under over under over flow.

This is one loom’s warp.. now to do all that 2 more times.

Here’s the 3 warps… 6,480 Feet.

NOT A MESS! Just off the frame and ready to be placed on what is soon to be the loom.

These lovelies were donated to me by my lovely friend Joy.

They will be the head and foot of each piece till it is done.


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