I, I, I, I…

So, it was kind of overwhelming.. looking into my files of images

And even thinking of categorizing them (cause I haven’t) so they “flow” and make sense became an issue. Do I put them in any kind of order? What kind of order? So I think I shall start this venture with a variety of my talents :”)

I am open to commissions, so don’t hesitate to ask.

      I made a dear friends wedding dress. The hand-made breastplate is copper with a set turquoise stone and the dress is all hand-stitched silk.

The image below is a logo I developed for a friend                                                                in Guatemala who was starting up a BioDiesel co-op.

   Clothes and costumes.

 Wings for all occasions :”) Wall installation/cup and pitcher sale. Woven belt Creepy toys, make-up and collage.  and I also teach. This is from my time in Guatemala. I spent 4 years there working with several NGO’s.. all focused on community efforts and responsibilities. It’s also where I first played with Clay. This class was a Clothing Construction Workshop, held weekly. We reworked our old clothes into something funner! Twas an adventure to say the least as the country, and this town in particular is very conservative. But they took me in (after 3 months) with open arms.

So yes.. this is but a taste of some of my skills. I’ll post more if asked, otherwise I’ll start the next post with the current show up at Fill in the Blank Gallery here in Chicago. Twas a collaboration between myself and two lovely young women by the name of Katie Schofield and Julia Gootzeit. It’ll be there till August 20th.

I also have some things on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/OREJONEJO?ref=si_shop


One thought on “I, I, I, I…

  1. Well, I’m in totally love with those works!!! Congratulations for everything, and especially for the presentation.
    Please, have you a flickr adress? Or more pictures of your works spmewhere?
    Meanwhile if interested thid is my Land art web site: http://www.vivoverde.com
    and my flickr’s nick name is: game49
    Best wishes
    Gabriele from Italy (Venice)

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