Hello everyone..

It is a long time coming but finally I am sitting still long enough to do this :”)

Pictures, many of them to come. I have always been very secretive of my work but met someone very inspirational and encouraging… so now I [will] share.

Please feel free to connect and let’s see what happens!

The header image is a detail of some terra cotta grass I made. Yes, I am an artist.                 Here it is in it’s full glory.                             

Below are images from my collaboration with Danny Mansmith. The Show was called      “Le Um’phor: An Exploration” at PerficalSense in Evanston. The word “Um’phor” comes from the caribbean and references a sacred space, somewhere special a medium can commune with the elements to somehow conjure and heal. We addressed the space as such and as you can see, we went to town. Elements of nature (both hand-made and found) met with our sense of what is magical and dealing with the term “exploration” we chose to be more process based in our making; simplifying and repeating movements along the way. This show lead me to a place where I can relax and get caught up in the meditative forms and creation of.

Hope you enjoy and check in every now and again to see and read about what I’m up to!


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